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Yunohana Onsen Natural Hot Spring Resort

"Yunohana Hot Spring Resort" in the historical city of Kyoto This hot spring resort in the suburbs of ancient Kyoto, is located to the west of the city center. The legend has it that injured samurai warriors in the civil war period centuries ago used to heal their sword wounds in these hot springs.

Visitors to Kameoka, where Yunohana hot spring resort is located, melt their heart with its fresh and clean air, change of scenery with the passing of the seasons, and the beautiful rural landscapes. The rustic taste that is hard to find in big cities and nostalgic scenery still remain in this quiet and secluded resort town.

One of the most exciting things to stay at a ryokan, or Japanese country inn, is to eat traditional Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients harvested from nature, such as mountain vegetables and Tanba beef in spring, Kyo-vegetables (vegetables used in Kyoto's local cuisine) and freshwater fish in summer, mushrooms and local sake (rice wine) in autumn, as well as oceanic fish and botan-nabe (pot-style dish) with boar meat and lots of local winter vegetables in winter.

While taking a nice and long soak in the hot spring bath, our guests come into contact with good old Japan. We can make every guest of the hot spring inn feel our genuine hospitality while they spend the time there. We look forward to your visit to Yunohana Hot Spring Resort.


Spring quality/efficacy

ySpring qualityz@
@@@Plain and slightly radioactive hot spring
@@@(Natural hot radium spring)

yRadon contentz@41.6~10-10L[

yBathing efficacyz@
@@@Neuralgia/Muscle soreness/Arthritis
@@@/Excessive sensitivity to cold
@@@/Chronic digestive diseases/Soothing effect on fatigue
@@@/Promoting health/Chronic gynecological diseases/Gout


A day trip to hot spring with lunch@

How about making a little side trip to Yunohana Hot Spring Resort in Kameoka after exploring a number of temples and shrines in Kyoto? It is only a half-day excursion from central Kyoto to experience Japanese culture, "hot spring" and relieve the weariness of the journey. A trip to hot spring resort in Kyoto could also be an enjoyable half-day or one-day experience from Osaka or Kobe.

Please make reservations.
There are shuttle bus services to the nearest train station.
For any questions, please contact the inn where you made a reservation.



Business hours

Onsen & Lunch

Bathing only


keburikawa +81-0771-26-2345 11F00`15F00 2,200 900  
keizankaku +81-0771-22-0250 11F00`15F00 4,830 1,000 Closed for
lunch on Mondays
sumiya +81-0771-22-7722 11F00`15F00 5,550` × Rented outdoor hot spring bath available

Please contact each RYOKAN for more detailed information and reservation.

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