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Please be satisfied with a beautiful Japanese culture during your stay.

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Enjoy your relaxing time by having a hot spring
and being steeped in an atmosphere of a mountainy village near Kyoto.

“Yunohana-Onsen” hidden place of Millennium City of Kyoto is located in a quiet mountain area 7 km from a center of Kyoto.

There is a historic hot spring village that has a legend that it cured injured warriors sword cuts during the warring state period long time ago.

There are marvelous scenery that you touch clear air and see changes of four seasons at gorge surrounded by rustic and quiet environment where you can not experience in the busy metropolitan area.

There are many sightseeing spots like Myoshoji-Temple, Mt Asahi-Yama, Jinzoji-Temple, Anaoji-Temple, Hiedanojinja-Shrine, etc.

You can imagine old days at historic sites where legends and unique histories remain a lot. And you can taste variety of foods e.g. wild vegetable in spring, fresh water trout in summer, matsutake-mushroom in autumn, sake and wild boar’s hotpot in winter.

Please enjoy the blessings of nature in cooking and feel relaxed from the bottom of your heart through the food taste with the staff’s hospitality.

To refresh with hot springs and relax at this countryside, many families and group tourist visit from the area of Keihansin and through Japan.

Operation Yunohana Onsen Kanko Ryokan Kyodo Kumiai(“Yunohana Hot Spring” Tourism-Hotel Cooperative Association)
Address Postal Code 621-0034, 3-1 Nagareda, Ashinoyama, Hiedano-Cho, Kameoka-City, Kyoto, Japan.
Contact Tel:+81-771-22-5645 / Fax:+81-771-25-3681
Quality of Hot Spring Simple weak radioactive hot spring (natural radium spa)
Radon content (Rn) 41.6×10-10ci/kg
Bath effect Neuralgia・Muscle pain・Arthralgia・Coldness・Chronic digestive organ disease・Restoration of fatigue・Health promotion・Chronic lady disease・Gout・Cholelithiasis.

Access by train


  • Shoen-So Hozugawa-Tei

    Yunohana Onsen “Shoen-So Hozugawa-Tei” Hotel is in the suburb of Kyot city Even it’s only 30 minutes from a center of Kyoto city, there are natural hot springs with an environment rich in nature.
    You can enjoy variety of foods with the seasonal ingredients.
    There are two open air hot spring baths and a mist sauna in the large bathroom building which is built on a large site of 800 tsubo (242 ㎡). An esthetic salon is also available in there.
    It is a recomendable accommodation that is selected as “popular 100 Japanese five-star ryokan” out of 250 ryokans selected by professional judge.
    There are several activities nearby e.g. Hozu River rafting and popular trams trains.

    Phone number +81-771-22-903
    Address Postal Code 621-0034, 1-4 Nagareda, Ashinoyama, Hiedano-Cho, Kameoka-City, Kyoto, Japan.
    Website https://syoenso-english.com/
  • Sumiya Kiho-an

    Your relaxing time starts as you walk in the gate of a thatched roof. You can enjoy two different type of open air hot spring baths attaching to your room.
    Being in the natural onsen provides relaxation and refreshment not only to your body but also in your mind. Enjoy the Japanese onsen culture.
    It guides you to sophisticated Japanese contemporary atmosphere. Specially in the library "TSUREZURE-BUNKO" you can quietly spend your precious time with a favorite book in your hand and notice the change of season through the window.
    Meals are served with OMOTENASHI spirit as an arranged formal dinner on the dining table with Kyo Vegetables and ingredients from Local area Tamba ,cooking method, dish up, and ways to serve, its meal you would also enjoy with your eyes at our dining "Shunzen ZUIKA" , replicated traditional kitchens of Kyoto.
    Your five senses are to be satisfied with the cuisine each season.

    Phone number +81-771-22-7722
    Address Postal Code 621-0036, 25 Miyanooku, Kakihana, Hiedano-Cho, Kameoka-City, Kyoto, Japan.
    Website https://www.sumiya.ne.jp/en/

    Auberge of the Japanese KYO YUNOHANA RESORT "Suisen" quietly stands in Outskirts of Kyoto "Yunohana Onsen".
    There are limited 13 guest rooms so that you can relax and forget your busy time of the urban city.
    Note:Children under 12 years old are not allowed to use these luxurious rooms.
    Please experience a special attentive hospitality at "Suisen" that we proud of.
    Please also enjoy delicious and beautiful Kyoto style cuisine finished with a skilled technique using the grace of the season.

    Phone number +81-771-22-7575
    Address Postal Code 621-0034, 6-3 Inoshiri, Ashinoyama, Hiedano-Cho, Kameoka-City, Kyoto, Japan.
    Website https://www.kyoto-suisen.com/eng/
  • Hospitality-Hotel "Keizankaku"

    A hospitality Inn "Keizankaku" standing in "Yunohana Onsen" is located in the suburbs of Kyoto.
    Please relax in the hot spring surrounded by the nature and enjoy the food as a taste of Kyoto that use the freshest materials each season.
    Keizankaku has been continuously selected by professionals since 2013 as “100 Hotels of Japanse Hotels and Ryokan” in the category of "Cooking Department".
    Supported by customers' patronage we celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2017 as a milestone of foundation.
    We always welcome you with our hearty hospitality so that you can remember memories of our hotel in your mind album even ten or twenty years later.

    Phone number +81-771-22-0250
    Address Postal Code 621-0033,20-6 Shimotouge, Saeki, Hiedano-Cho, Kameoka-City, Kyoto, Japan.
    Website http://www.keizankaku.com/
  • Holiday in a mountainy village at "Kyoto-Keburikawa"

    Based on the concept of "Using fresh Vegetable from our own farm” we are absolutely confident about the quality and the taste of them.
    Please feel full and smile with wonderful cuisine at “HANARI” Restaurant where a stone kiln is installed and enjoy a live kitchen at Satoyam Dining "DAICHI".
    After eating please heal yourself at "Yunohana Onsen" with outstanding beautiful effect for your skin.
    You can take a bath at your favorite time in your guest room with an open-air bath "Keiyama", and also you can be caught in a sky with full of stars in "Satoyama-Garden". Please visit "Kyoto-Keburikawa".

    Phone number +81-771-26-2345
    Address Postal Code 621-0251, 1-1 Drogabuchi, Hiramatsu, Honme-Cho, Kameoka-City, Kyoto, Japan.
    Website https://www.kyoto-keburikawa.jp/

    Kyoto cuisine and open-air bath.
    Yunohana Tsukiya is ryokan that opened in July 2021 at Yunohana-Onsen in a peaceful mountain area about 7 km west of the city center.
    Yunohana-Onsen is not far from Kyoto city, but you can enjoy the clear air and colors of each season. The hot springs in the mountain gorge and the natural landscape would give you a relaxing moment.
    When you come to Kameoka, Kyoto, please choose us Yunohana Tsukiya. We will welcome you with detailed hospitality.

    Phone number +81-771-22-2400
    Address Postal Code 621-0251, 6 Kakihana Chaya, Hiedano-Cho, Kameoka-City, Kyoto, Japan.
    Website http://tsukiya.cc/index.html